Dear Customers and Venue Owners,


During troubling times, it is important to know the facts. As the spread of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) deepens in the U.S, we feel it is important not to panic but to be informed.


As your caterer, it is important for us to reassure you that you and your guest’s well-being is a priority to us.


This has always been the top priority for us, and always will be. We take food safety very seriously.


Every recipe and procedure in our operation starts and ends with food safety. We are:


-Fully licensed by the Minnesota Department of Health

-Insured in the areas of Liability and Worker’s Compensation Insurance

-ServSafe Certified


The COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic presents new challenges, mostly involving gatherings of groups of people, with or without food being served. Here is what we are doing to ensure customers, their guests, venues and their employees, and equally importantly, our employee’s safety:


1. Continue with our usual, routinely scheduled, professional deep cleaning of our facilities, equipment, and vehicles.

2. We will continue our usual and ongoing sanitization of any and all surfaces within our facility.

3. Providing hand sanitizer at both the beginning and end of our buffet lines (and hand washing stations if there are no such facilities on site) for guest use.

4. Re-emphasizing to our employees the standard procedure of staying home if they are ill.

5. Re-emphasizing to our employees the importance of hand washing in their personal and work routines.

6. Re-emphasizing the importance of employee’s self care, including good nutrition, hydration, adequate rest, moderate exercise, and wise choices in terms of social distancing.

7. Complying with customer’s requests to postpone either tastings at our facility or their events, to a later date when the event will carry less risk. Cancellations and rescheduling will be honored and deposits will be returned as requested.

8. Encouraging customers to seek outdoor venues when weather permits to lessen risk of transmission.

9. Encouraging customers to ask their guests to stay home if they are ill.

10. Encouraging venues to also carry out ongoing sanitization procedures at their facilities, and to enforce policies requiring their employees to stay home if they are ill.


Together we will get through this unusual, difficult, and hopefully short-term situation.


We look forward to providing our customers and their guests the same safe and high quality food and service as we have over the last 38 years.





Dale Vaillancourt and Jim Gilmore, Owners